TO: My new friends. FROM: Your Swedish friend.

I hate this, being the one that has to see everyone leave. One after the other. I know life goes on but it feels strange that it went by so fast and that it is over so soon. I guess it is nice to come home to Sweden, but at the same time I really like it in Singapore and that our time together would just continue. It is just sad to think about that this part of my life is over and that I will never have it back. Four months are too short.

I have had a great time in Singapore and I would like to thank you for it. I will not mention any names, you know who you are. You made it so easy. I never had a boring moment, except the ones that I had to spend alone. =) I hope to see you again and lets try to keep in touch.

Thank you for making this semester abroad so memorable. You will be missed.


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